Programme Schedule

October 22, 2018




10.00 – 18.00


Arrival / Registration of Delegates

October 23, 2018


08.30 – 10.30


 Board of Directors Meeting  (ADFIAP, AADFI)



Press Conference




Opening Ceremony 

 (Venue: Premier Saloon, Acapulco Resort and Convention Spa Hotel

• WFDFI Chairman

• Host 

• Chief Guest



Group Photo



Delegate-Meets-Delegate (D-m-D) session      



Networking Lunch





CEO Forum Proper

Session 1:

Green Economy and the DFIs:

    Opportunities and Success Factors


Keynote Speech:  Arshad Rab, CEO

European Organization for Sustainable Development           (EOSD), Germany

*(SDG13, SDG16)

15.30 – 16:00

Tea and Networking Break

16.00 – 17.00

Session 2:

Panel Discussion: DFIs Strategic Management System –  Making Sustainability Work


There are many different frameworks and methodologies for strategic planning and management. While there are no absolute rules regarding the right framework, some organizations follow a similar pattern and challenges. For DFIs, the main challenge is how to embed sustainability in their strategy and management processes. In particular, the session will explore (1) How does a sustainable DFI create the conditions that embed sustainability in the organization’s strategy and operations? And (2) What are the specific elements of sustainable DFIs that differentiate them from those of traditional DFIs?

Moderator: To be determined

Panelists: To be invited

§  Development Bank of Japan

§  International Investment Bank

§  Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad

§  Slots open for AADFI, ADFIMI, ALIDE

*(SDG8 & SDG16)

17:00 – 19:00

WFDFI Board of Governor’s Meeting


19:30 – 22:30


Welcome Dinner


October 24, 2018


08.30 – 09.30


Session 3

Green Manufacturing and MSMEs (Part 1)

DFIs have been instrumental in helping micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the transition to a green economy. In this session, which is divided into two parts, DFIs will present projects that have helped MSMEs to turn environmental challenges into business opportunities such as greening SMEs, green entrepreneurship, green manufacturing, opportunities for SMEs in a greener value chain, and access to markets for green SMEs.

Moderator: To be determined

Speakers:  To be invited


§  SME Bank Malaysia

§  Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad

§  Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

§  Slots open for AADFI, ADFIMI, ALIDE


* (SDG 8, SDG16, SDG17)





                          Green Manufacturing and MSMEs (Part 2)

Moderator: To be determined

Speakers:   To be invited


§  Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII)

§  Alalay sa Kaunlaran, Inc.

§  Perbadanan Nasional Berhad

§  Slots open for AADFI, ADFIMI, ALIDE



Tea  and Networking Break




Session 4: 

Renewable Energy

The attainment of having a green economy is substantially improved by innovations in renewable energy. As a direct result of renewables beginning to account for even larger portions of energy being produced, the world is on its way towards fulfilling two of the three criteria required for a green economy: a low carbon footprint and the efficient use of natural resources. Clean energy, in its role as an enabler of economic growth and development, will serve as a catalyst for the third aspect: employment and social inclusion. In this session, DFIs will present case studies on their renewable energy programs and how they financed these projects.

Moderator: To be determined

Speakers: To be invited


§  Development Bank of Turkey

§  TRNC Development Bank

§  Vnesheconombank

§  Fiji Development Bank

§  Slots open for AADFI, ADFIMI, ALIDE

*(SDG 7)


Networking Lunch



Session 5:   

Water & Waste Management Systems

The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal on Water (SDG 6) and its related targets as well as the SDGs that are linked to water such as climate change, health, hunger, energy and others, are relevant to the greening of the economy, in general. To a large extent, the primary concerns have always been the utilization and improvement of existing water resources, together with protection against the hazards and potential harm associated with uncontrolled natural water as well as its production and treatment. Recent innovation and technological change offer opportunities not just for improving the planning and design of sustainable and effective water management projects but also in its financing. In this session, DFIs will present case studies on projects that they have financed.

Moderator: Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad (*to be invited)

Speakers: To be invited


§  IDBI Bank Limited

§  Development Bank of the Philippines

§  Slots open for AADFI, ADFIMI, ALIDE

*(SDG 6)




Session 6:  

Green Building / Affordable Housing

Promoting and financing green buildings and green affordable housing are within the ambit of DFI financing and technical assistance. Green commercial, office, and residential buildings are those that incorporate sustainable features which include certifications, lower energy cost burden, and improved health for their occupants. In this session, DFIs will present what they have been undertaking in this space.


Moderator: To be determined


Speakers:   To be invited

§  Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad

§  National Housing Bank

§  Pag-IBIG Fund

§  Slots open for AADFI, ADFIMI, ALIDE




*(SDG 9,SDG 11)


Tea and Networking Break



Session 7:

Sustainable Agriculture

DFIs have assisted projects that utilize sustainable farming practices, as well as sustainable technologies and these may include agricultural projects that use adaptable local farming techniques and practices that will increase farming yields, reduce waste and inefficiency problems in the food chain and offer improved and sustainable services for the ecosystem to support food security under the new realities of climate change. In this session, DFIs will feature sustainable agriculture projects that they have financed.

Moderator: To be determined

Speakers: To be invited


·         Agrobank

·         Landbank of the Philippines

·         National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

§  Slots open for AADFI, ADFIMI, ALIDE


*(SDG 2, SDG 8)




Summary & Way Forward


Climate Action in Financial Institutions

Ian Cochran

Finance, Investment and

Climate Program Director at I4CE –

Institute for Climate Economics





Closing Dinner



The classical music concert (The Presidential Symphony Orchestra)



October 25, 2018





Fellowship Day – Kyrenia and Nicosia Tour


Lunch & Snacks